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Without swords


The red-green ones sends fighter jets to Afghanistan. They risk interference in the US war there. They have chosen the same method as the French authorities in the struggle for stability and peace. Violence must be met with counter-violence. Abominable and desperate acts must be met with violence – with the "sword of power".

The price of power is compromise. It is so important to achieve a little that the various parties – or parties – also SV – must endure compromises. Then they can at least achieve a little in relation to the Conservatives and the FRP. The idea is tempting, but does it point the way to the future we want? No, say those who do not give up the means of peace. Some of them protested outside the Storting on 10 November. They must endure the mockery from the Conservatives' Erna Solberg, from the leftist Sponheim from Ulvik and from Siv's Progress Party. It seems perfectly fine. But how are they to be met by the red-greens? How will they be met by the representatives of SV? What about Ny Tid's editorial staff, will there be room for the protesters?

That's a dilemma with division within a party. We are some members who in their time joined the party because of its rejection of NATO. We know that it is not easy to throw away the murder weapons. For thousands of years, humans have seized the sword. We want to defend ourselves, defend freedom and justice and the good life. Thus, we have ended up in the carousel of violence – the one that constantly creates new reasons to hate and take revenge.

SV has chosen to come into power by making compromises. That's understandable. We in the SV do not choose between good and evil when we choose a government with "left direction" rather than one with "right direction". We choose between two evils.

One is a right drain that can make society a tougher society with more power for profit hunters. The second evil is a left turn that tries to make society more human-friendly, but which brings dangerous compromises along the way.

We have to choose the way of compromise to survive?

Maybe. But then we must pay special attention

the direction we want to fight for? We must think through again

the way Mahatma Gandhi showed us through his life?

His thought finds support from an ordinary Danish man who rejected the sword and bombs and sought the path of non-violence.

Can anyone have any doubts about our direction?

In an old book we find the following words:

The years will run out, the times will pass.

New genera gather where other's Graves stand.

Only what men were accustomed to right without sword and blood.

It must live like a sunshine over the River of Time.

The words are Marcus Lauesens, the book is by Elisabeth Bergstrand Poulsen. It's called SEE, MAN! and was published in Stockholm, by OA Nordstedt & Söners Förlag, in 1943. Marcus Lauesen also said:

"Only what men won by right without sword and blood.

It shall live like a sunshine over the river of time! "

Of course, many people giggle at such "pacifist" words. But isn't it worth thinking carefully about them?

Harald Bjørke, a supporter of peace and SV's.

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