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Utopia, nostalgia and principle-making

Let us state it as well first as last: If Ny Tid is not quickly provided with external funds of a significant scope, then the Bankruptcy Court is the next stop. In 2006. It is not nonsense, it is not crisis maximization and it is in fact a miracle that it has not happened before.


To call the work bringing about a change of ownership in Ny Tid for a "coup" is therefore rather misleading and it surprises me that the concern for the newspaper's soul is so great now that it – after ten years on the verge of bankruptcy – has finally found a serious investor! Where were all the worried shareholders before? At the general meetings I myself have attended, I saw an average of three shareholders. None of them had money, powers of attorney or good ideas with them.

It is therefore appropriate to ask: How many of those who now anxiously curl their foreheads would open their beaks if Ny Tid had suffered a silent bankruptcy?

Damm's skepticism is probably due to several factors. They are understandable, but do not relate to the realities:

1) Damm is owned by the entertainment capitalist Egmont and we can not trust Egmont. Well – we can all wish for a situation where no one owned others but. . .

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