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The election Chechnya does not have

On Saturday, the Chechens elect their first parliament after the war with Russia formally ended in 2003. Voters still live in daily fears of terrorists, military forces and the police. But no one dares talk about it in the election campaign.

Nazran, Ingushetia.

Officially there is peace in Chechnya.

But in Nazran, 30 minutes by car from the Chechen capital Grozny, we can hear shooting every night.

It is as if two Chechens exist. By day, there is Chechnya Putin talking about: a peaceful, normalized republic. At night, the rifle fire crackles and the sky is lit from time to time by an explosion.

When the day dawns, the authorities strike back with massive arrests of suspects

terrorists. In an eternal state of terrorist attacks and counter-terrorism measures, every civilian is a "potential terrorist".

The war in Chechnya has been replaced by a state of massive violence. . .

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