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Be my hero!


Do you ever wonder how you can become a better person? There are simple actions that can make you a hero. You can help save lives as well as increase the quality of life of your own and others. Every year, over 1400 people die nationwide due to air pollution. It is in the cities that the biggest problems lie, because so many people and cars are gathered in one place. About half of those who died because of air pollution came from Oslo. Small things like putting away the car or driving more together in one car for work will make you a hero. If you are one of those who drive collectively, you are already helping the community. If you are one of those driving alone in a car for work you may have in mind that you pollute at least ten times as much as those sitting on a full bus. If you choose to put the car away, you will, in addition to contributing to better air quality, increase the demand for better public transport. Co-driving to work is also very smart as it is social, cheaper and less polluting. There you can hit three flies in a snap.

Become a hero yourself too, think environment in everyday life.

Thomas L. Viken (15) and Mathilde Hauge Skarsjø (16), Oslo Nature and Youth.

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