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Well-meaning travel description

Unni Rustad wants to give the voiceless in Afghanistan a voice – the children. But well-meaning intentions do not always turn into well-written books.

On the day of the dream, we get up at four in the morning is a result of Unni Rustad's journey and work to organize children's conferences in Afghanistan for Save the Children. The book is at its best when it reproduces the stories of children and Afghans, while the depictions of the environment are not as successful. They have a language reminiscent of postcard descriptions of what they did on that particular day: “I've been dreaming of the Silk Road all my life. Now finally a bit of it is below me, and then I have to look at the clock and hurry to reach an appointment! We will meet Mr. Mohibi, who heads the Ministry of Education. ”The transitions may have been more elaborate, but the book's stories and voices are so interesting that it never becomes as boring as a postcard.


The title of the book is taken from one of the wishes of an Afghan boy. On the dream day, he would get up as early as possible so that day. . .

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