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Value Creation 2.0

Web 2.0 is changing the world of work. Websites such as Facebook place new demands on our digital expertise.


[chronicle] The innovation and production of the future is about taking part in the masses' knowledge and value creation, but the lack of digital competence of individual and backward employers can help Norwegian workers not make full use of the new Internet.

Several workplaces have now closed the internet access to Facebook, while others are threatening to dismiss employees who use Facebook. But is using Facebook at work the same as wasting working hours? The issue was the front page article in Ny Tid on 1 June. My contention, however, is that this is not just about Facebook, it's about the internet as a phenomenon, users' digital expertise and backward employers who are unable to see the potential of the internet.

More and more people work in complex and knowledge-oriented professions, often project-based that involve several partners. In such a job context, the requirements for communication and content sharing are often important premises. . .

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