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Vetlesen's ethics

Last week, Professor Arne Johan Vetlesen had the article "Bosnia murder as a self-fulfilling prophecy" in print in Ny Tid. Here he receives an answer from former Storting representative and ambassador Gunnar Garbo.


Philosophy professor Arne Johan Vetlesen, who sometimes expresses wise thoughts, nevertheless does not state his tireless efforts to impose on Thorvald Stoltenberg a co-responsibility for the genocide in Srebrenica ten years ago. As unpleasant as it may be, he writes compassionately in Ny Tid on 19 August, the responsibility "must nevertheless be broken down to named individuals". To this end, he directs his accusation at the UN's Norwegian peace mediator.

It does not appear that the professor places similar ethical requirements on his own debate technique.

When he accuses Thorvald Stoltenberg of being pro-Serbian and I notice that one might probably call himself the same as anti-Serbian, he declares that I am guilty of a short circuit. Vetlesen is just against from . . .

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