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Want to teach Brazil about the rule of law

Erik Solheim's background note for the Latin America voyage is met with laughter and head-shaking in Brazil.


[visit] – It is probably best that we sort this out ourselves, says a laughing Silvia Costa, who coordinates the election campaign for Lula's ruling party PT in Bahia, northeast of Brazil.

Costa has just heard about how the Norwegian Foreign Ministry describes her country in the background document for Erik Solheim's study trip to Brazil and Bolivia. Solheim embarks on his week-long journey on Monday 14 August. The Foreign Ministry note states:

«In the work of strengthening state institutions, anti-corruption efforts and work to consolidate democracy in South America, experiences from the rule of law and civil society in the 'Norwegian model' may be relevant. Norwegian experiences can probably also be included in a dialogue about the relationship between the public and private sectors in business, labor law and in relation to organizations and private, social institutions. "

Corruption hunter and Transparencia Brazil director Claudio Weber Abramo also responds to the wording in the Foreign Ministry document.

- Do you think a "Norwegian model" in the fight against poverty and corruption can help Brazil?

- Which Norwegian model? I doubt whether the Minister has said anything like that. It does not seem like a sensible thing to say, says Abramo.

Transparencia Brazil is a non-governmental organization that works for openness and anti-corruption.

- In the background documents, it is specifically mentioned that the Norwegian model may be relevant…?

- Well, I'm sure that even if, for example, Norway and Sweden are quite similar, you can not export political. . .

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