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Will name the rapists

The Men Against Violence organization wants to publish the name of anyone convicted of rape.

[gap stick] Outgoing leader in Men Against Violence (MMV), Markus Sorge, presents the proposal in an essay in this issue of Ny Tid. He believes that the court, as part of the sentence, should publish the names of all rapists for a limited period on the court's website.

- Is not this the same as the medieval gape stick?

- I feel a certain discomfort at proposing this, but we have to do something. According to our survey, only five percent of all rapes are reported, and only a fraction end up in conviction. Today, there is virtually no legal risk in rape. Making the abusers visible will have a preventive effect, Sorge believes.

"Now be careful which man you bring home", is the warning parents give their daughters today, Sorge writes in the essay. Maybe we need to go there, he thinks, that a father advises his son: "Do not go alone with unknown women, you may risk being reported. . .

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