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Show me your verse

No reporters from the West have asked the Islamic Jihad leader the fundamental question: Where is the evidence of what you do in God's name? By Irshad Manji


What is the best thing for world peace – to accept each other or to ask questions that can be taken up badly? Of course, the world is not always divided according to these extremes. But sometimes it actually is. And in such cases, I keep a close eye on asking questions instead of always believing the best about others. Let me explain using this story.

I was recently in Gaza, where I interviewed the political leader of the Hamas group Islamic Jihad, Mohammed al-Hindi. With well-groomed beard and impeccable manners, he symbolized the modern – and moderate – Muslim man.

His interpretation of the Qur'an suggested something

other. “Where does it say,” I asked, “that one can take one's own life for a higher purpose? As far as I know, the Qur'an says that suicide is wrong. "

Through an interpreter, the doctor assured me that the verses that approved of suicide actions were to be found "everywhere" in. . .

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