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Considering new rules

The detention of children at Trandum Immigration International can be stopped.

- The most critical in relation to Trandum is the detention of children and the use of security cells, says Minister of Justice Knut Storberget (Labor).

The Minister of Justice suggests that his trial at Trandum International Immigration may have consequences.

- I have not concluded yet, but I will take a position on this already now before we present a new regulation for Trandum before the summer, Storberget says.

The inspection of the detention camp – described by several as Norway's response to Guantánamo – took place on Friday 5 May. The meeting with a family with a child of two and a half years was what made the most impression on the Minister of Justice during the inspection in the controversial detention camp at Gardermoen.

- Is it not contrary to Norwegian law to lock in children under 15?

- That's why I want to get into this right away. It is just an absolute last resort to lock children in, Storberget answers.

- For Trandum Utlendingsinternat is a prison?

- Yes, it is for those who are placed there against their will, Storberget states.

When it comes to the use of security cells, there are several issues the Justice Minister wants to address.

- For example, it is problematic that there are no windows in the cells. I do not rule out changes regarding the use of safety cells and the detention of children. But in these cases we have to make difficult trade-offs, he says.

As an example, he cites criticism of inspections. . .

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