We, the monsters

What exactly is a monster? Is the monster the ugly creature that scares and wants to destroy us – Frankenstein's; the insect-like Alien-crawl in Ridley Scott's horror movies; the masked Mike Myers, who can never die, in Halloweenfilms? Or is the monster rather an aspect of us all, and the monstrous side of the most common and banal events, a most mundane thing?

«In certain cases, the title 'monster' should be reclaimed in a spirit of punk triumph to become a great honor. Monsters cause trouble, they disturb definitions, they discombobulate what we think we mean. All of which is brave and wild, not to mention something like art's task, ”Fox writes. He associates the monstrous with what does not fit in, but not dissent as counterculture or criticism of existing – we are closer to what does not fit in, per se. Fox gets close to the punk.

Missing monster story. The breadth of stories the author tells is wide – ranging from Rainer Maria Fassbinder's films to the life and works of John Waters, David Bowies and Ryan Trecartin. The personal tone, the buzzing and confessional style is what makes the text so good: This is not an academic exercise, but an attempt to think through what the monster represents because it is something the author mustn't do.

That's it monstrous who occupies Fox, in everyday life; something unpleasant, unfamiliar, strange or eerie.

This Young Monster is an impressive cultural story – but the frightening creature, where the cruel and threatening are gathered in one figure that something foreign and separate from us, gets. . .

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