Theater of Cruelty

Kjetil Røed

Freelance writer.

A truly decolonized photo?

Photographers: The "other" must be allowed to photograph himself.

Beyond the art room

The novel can be a helpful tool as we explore new ways of viewing art. 

Žižek at its worst 

Slavoj Žižek's latest book is occasionally unreadable – but his use of popular culture is as ingenious as repetitive.

Heretical philosophy-fun

New cartoon gives good portrayals of some of the wisest minds of early modernity.

Interesting studies in deviations 

Monster or human? The Mindhunter series digs deep into uncomfortable material to find out the real killer of the serial killer. 

An almost perfect author portrait

Joan Didion's nephew has made the ideal entrance to her writing.

MOVIE FROM THE SOUTH: The waiting room of death

Shevaun Mizrahi's Distant Constellation follows the slow pace of the old home and teaches us what it means to grow old.

The art of living essayistically

The most fascinating parts of Dillon's essays on the essay are about how the genre embodies a different form from the literary.

Community Dream Life

If everyone had realized their fantasies, the world would have fallen into a snap.