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White trash

People look towards the lens, yet it is as if they would prefer to retreat and retreat to the courtyard, to the outfield, to the family, to the drug, to the church, to sleep.

Speech Hall, Marienstr. 26, Berlin

Today, approximately 20 percent of the white population in South Africa is unable to support themselves. Because despite the fact that the most affluent still constitute a white minority and a majority of blacks live in catastrophic poverty, the poor whites / poor whites / white trash are the big losers of society. This group falls between two chairs. They live outside the cities, are tucked away in courtyards, in wilderness neighborhoods or in campers where drinking water and electricity are rare.

Shame and pride. Susanne Schleyer. . .

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Hilde Lindset
Lindset is a short story writer. hilde.lindset@hotmail.com

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