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About despair and doom

The Theater of Cruelty has just returned from India, where they participated in the 12th International Theater Festival in Kerala. We asked director Lars Øyno to reflect on their performance and experiences.

The road to true anarchism

Giorgio Agamben: Creation and Anarchy. The work of Art and the Religion of Capitalism

The archeology of religion, art, politics, and capitalism is not a search for any kind of origin – but a search for a foundation that tears past notions to their roots.

Gonzo interpretation of Surrealism's sorceress

Susanne Christensen: Leonora's journey Author

The book by artist Leonora Carrington is a journey into the jungle of surrealism, a successful escape from the conventional and a fantasy infiltration of the established.

future manufacturing

Elizabeth Grosz: Chaos, territory, art. Deleuze and the Earth Framing

The earth as a whole has been transformed into human territory at the expense of all other forms of life. MODERN TIMES prints here an excerpt of the book Chaos, Territory, Art.

Double moral interpretation of Knausgård

Poul Behrendt: From the shadows of what we know. Art as a reality production

In Behrendt's book, the undersigned is accused of "monumental misunderstandings and psychoanalytic short circuits". But does he consistently break the laws he tries to impose on others?

Currency of visibility

Photography 1997-2017: Hannah Starkey

Hannah Starkey's retrospective photo book depicts a maturing journey in women's eyes.

A wobbly kitten

Kjetil Røed: The art and life: a manual

A remarkable instruction manual for the critical moments of art and life.

Mjøsa: Place sense and carrier bag

The constant focus on work, bustle and productivity takes us away from a neighborhood of things – every day there are people who can feel that something is also breaking in them.

Venice Biennial: What happens when man is no longer the center?

PHOTOGRAPHY: This year's Venice Art Biennale shows us a different world, more tangled, unsettling, weird and fragile at the same time. From each room, vibrant lines are drawn between disaster and collapse, colonialism and belonging, human and machine.

Joyful journey in the world of art

Chris Kraus: Social Practices

ARTIST LIFE: In Social Practices, Chris Kraus portrays the lives of various artists in a subtle collage of autobiographical texts. The book is about her self as much as the artists portrayed.

A different religious history lesson

Nina Paley: Seder-Masochism

The filmmaker behind Sita Sings the Blues has once again created an animated musical full of catchy music and feminist criticism – which, like its predecessor, is available online for free.

To fill the void

Jeannette Fischer: Psychoanalyst meets Marina Abramović

PERFORMANCE: Is it possible to get acquainted with the art of Marina Abramović at a psychoanalytic level, where childhood and parents have played a crucial role?