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Defenders of freedom of speech

Fun-Da-Mental touches my militant Muslim heart with their new album. But is it good?


[hip hop] When Pakistani-British Aki Nawaz and his band project Fun-Da-Mental emerged in the early 1990s, it was not only this columnist who exploded (!) with pride over his Muslim heritage. With an uncompromising willingness to settle with Western superiority and lies, the band impressed an entire generation of young Muslims both musically and lyrically. Nawaz made fresh statements like "Islam was more punk to me than punk", which was music to my ears.

Now Nawaz is in the firing line again, never afraid of big words in the fight against ignorance and Islamophobia. But with the group's new album All is War (The Benefits of G-Had), Nawaz has teased British media. He compares Osama bin Laden to Che Guevara in the song "Che Bin", and has written what some perceive as a tribute to suicide bombing in "Cookbook DIY". Two British politicians will even. . .

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