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Soviet espionage via Finland: – I taught Finns on espionage and sabotage against the Soviet

MODERN TIMES July 30, 1977: Today he appears in Ny Tid. Former captain and major Svein Blindheim. During the war a prominent member of the company Linge.

Coauthor: Ingolf Håkon Teigene

To us he says: – In 1953, I was instrumental in educating Finns in espionage and law enforcement.
tasjeverksemd. The training took place in Helsinki and was aimed at activities on Soviet soil:

- The work was organized through the Intelligence Staff in the Armed Forces Command.

I was also on a trip to Northern Finland and gave the Finnish agents the final briefing before they were sent across the border to the Soviet Union.

Blindheim has been dealing with what he has known for 25 years. Now he will no longer tease. In this interview he tells in detail about who he has been with. It's a fantastic story:

He was equipped with a new passport when he was leaving. No one knew. . .

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