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To build peace

While the Foreign Ministry's section for peace and reconciliation spends one and a half billion a year, the Armed Forces budget exceeds 44 billion. What is the lesson of others who have created their own Ministry of Peace?

One of the UN's goals for sustainable development towards 2030 is peace, justice and robust institutions. An international network of activists is working to ensure that institutions with peace as their main goal become part of the solution.

Scotty Bruer is the founder of PeaceNow.com, which has launched a campaign to get the world's authorities to invest in peace-building institutions: “We don't have all the answers. We know that the way we do things today doesn't work. The one-and-a-half billion the world spends on the military per year, could fund education, clean water and food for everyone, and give people hope and opportunities. ”

As of today, there are only five countries in the world with their own Ministry of Peace.

Currently, the campaign has received 100 000 signatures. User's somewhat hairy goal is to get one billion people to sign during the campaign and become ambassadors for peace.

The idea is that peace is not just the absence of war and conflict, but something you must actively focus on and build for it to happen. . .

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Tori Aarseth
Aarseth is a political scientist and a regular journalist at Ny Tid.

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