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All violations of international law

UKRAINE / Rødt's former deputy, in this longer essay, looks at the significance of International Law, not only Russia's so-called "unprovoked" violations of it, but also the West's many violations of International Law. Here follows a, seen from MODERN TIMES, timely criticism of both SV, Rødt, the left side, the media and the ongoing warmongering.

Nuclear war? How can people relate to this as fact may not be happen? What options do we have?

When the First World War broke out, the social democrats on both sides of the two war blocs stepped in to send weapons and support their own bloc's imperialist ambitions. Back then, only the revolutionary forces, the Bolsheviks in Russia, said a clear "NO" to participating in this insane war and actively worked around the clock to agitate and mobilize people to say no to war. / P>

In today's Norway, the social democrats are for to send in weapons and train Ukrainian soldiers. The population before the First World War was so softened by war propaganda from the media, on both sides of the war, that they were ardent supporters of crushing the demonic and despicable enemy on the other side.
The mood changed during the war, but by then millions of people had already died on the battlefield. So what are we going to do to turn the mood here in our US-led "bloc" today before world war possibly breaking out? What should we do to impair the belief that more war is the solution?

Perhaps it is precisely then that it is important to remember history in particular...
My grandmother told me story after story growing up. She told me about what it was like to be 9 years old and meet German soldiers. . .

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Marielle Leraand
Former Deputy Chairman of Rødt.

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