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Alexander Carnera

Carnera is a freelance writer living in Copenhagen.

An excommunication of the dead and death?

DEATH: Via the philosopher Jean Baudrillard, can we, with today's pandemic, expose the symbolic meaning of death, the one that is otherwise difficult to spot?

To imitate nature in order to master it

Michael Taussig: Mastery of Non-mastery in the Age of Meltdown
THE MIMETIC POWER: Imitating another is also a way to gain power over the person portrayed. And how often do we see an imitation of the cosmos at a bar in a dark side street?

A world that is subtle, beautiful, ugly and strange

Chris Kraus: Where art belongs
ART: Does the artist today work constantly burdened by network care, communication and visibility, without producing anything truly created? Chris Kraus gives his take on what an artistic work should be.

The healing power of the community

Byung-Chul: The Disappearance of Rituals
RITUALS: The compulsion of neoliberalism to be on, to communicate, to make visible, to be busy, creates, according to Byung-Chui Han, reflex, narcissism, depression and an aggressive psychological emptiness.

To love is to be seized by the incomprehensibility and generosity of the world

Ashraf Ezzat: Sea of ​​love. Transforming Journey to Egypt
DOCUMENTS: Ancient Egyptian art and the later Sufi tradition have access to insights that modern man has gradually forgotten.

Too much is governed by the recognizable, the reproducible, the interchangeable

Alexander Hooke: Alphonso Lingis and Existential Genealogy
KNOWLEDGE: Where is it that, according to author Alexander Hooke, "does not fit into a familiar cultural epic pattern, opera, tragedy, romance, ballet, comedy, vaudeville, sitcom, or farce"?

The experience of the world

Ben Okri: The Freedom Artist
dystopic: Who is locked inside without knowing it, who is outside in the open? Who is free to ask the important questions?

Corona night

PROSA POETRY: What are our thoughts, where are we, or any of us, under the danger of epidemics Corona Virus?

The road to true anarchism

Giorgio Agamben: Creation and Anarchy. The work of Art and the Religion of Capitalism
Agamben: The archeology of religion, art, politics, and capitalism is not a search for any kind of origin – but a search for a foundation that tears past notions to their roots.