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Commentator in Ny Tid. Avnery is a former member of the Knesset in Israel. Israeli journalist and peace activist (born 1923).

Israel's permanent temporary

The old declaration of equality between citizens has been removed in Israel's urgent new law.

"Not many enough!"

A complex relationship over many centuries is now reflected in the recent Polish-Israeli conflict.

Afraid of the Iranian nuclear bomb?

The most self-evident political truth in Israel at the moment concerns Iran: Iran is Israel's deadly enemy and wants to destroy Israel – Israel must therefore destroy Iran's power first.

European new wave

A new progressive wave is pouring over Europe, trying to wash away right-wing populism. Can Israel also benefit from this?

Palestinian Mandela

Marwan Barghouti is seen as a natural candidate for the Palestinian presidency. But right now he is busy on hunger strike in an Israeli prison.

Don't send him here to Israel!

Trump-appointed David Friedman will contribute to an Israeli government where Netanyahu will appear as the extreme left.

Shimon Peres is dead

Shimon Perez died last night. The story of the tough, tireless politician's life also provides a valuable insight into Israel's modern history.

Is Israel going against civil war?

Israel maintains the conflict with Palestine – because the country needs the conflict to exist. The less visible divide between the Jews is becoming very deep.

Couples in corruption

How much should we really care about the corrupt conduct of Benjamin Netanyahu?