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The Babylon, Haunted and Disorient documentaries

Between 21. September and 4. October, the Internet-based viewing platform Doc Alliance Films focused on films about refugees. Here are some of them.

Emotional power among self-pity soups

FILM FESTIVAL: Among some flat sentimentality during the short film festival in Odense, Gustav Möller's departure film from the Danish Film School, In the Dark, stood out with his stylized portrait of a forced woman.

ISRAEL: A society's conception of suicide

DOCUMENTS IN MODERN TIMES: In a kibbutz society in Israel, suicide is a serious taboo, but at the same time a growing fact. Two parents confront society's concealment and condemnation of reality. THE MOVIE CAN BE SEEN HERE IN AUGUST.

Metaphysical street views

DOCUMENTS: Khalik Allah's portrait art moves in areas that are otherwise only viewed by surveillance cameras.

Vipin Vijay's turmoil

For Indian filmmaker Vipin Vijay, film is a process of "inventing oneself".

The Iron Government commands

The stories tell us that the Indians called the train the "iron horse". In The Iron Ministry we are in modern Chinese "iron dragons".

A counter image to the car advertising

The car has often figured as a symbol of freedom. Swedish documentary Fredrik Gertten, on the other hand, presents the car as a prison.

Cinematic freerunning

You don't have to dream away to escape the city's density, chaos and exhaust – you can climb buildings and jump around the roof.

The imperceptible power of film sound

In an age characterized by auditory manipulation and sonic abuse of power, it is good that we have filmmakers like Deborah Stratman – who in a playful fashion problematize our relationship with film sound.