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Hockey Socialism

The Red Army paints a multifaceted picture of the Soviet ice hockey team during the Cold War. How to unite collectivism and the freedom of the individual?

The extremists who just needed food on the table

The film festival HRHW: The Documentary Among the Believers shows how religious extremism has emerged in a Pakistan with major social problems.

Hermann Kappelhoff: The Politics and Poetics of Cinematic Realism

Through close analysis of films, German film professor Hermann Kappelhoff discusses the connection between poetics and politics.

The violence of silence

Four women are fighting to break the silence of the past in the war-torn country of Chechnya.

The wind in the picture

In a time of multitasking, media noise and digital currents, Straub-Huillet's films stand as immovable stones – which ask us to listen to the wind. Exhibition at the Art Academy in Trondheim

Victim with resilience

An ex-prostitute woman is traveling around the streets of Chicago. Using her own gruesome experiences as a means, she helps others out of inferiority and a life that lasts.

The unproductive attention

What sets the artist apart from what we usually understand as the worker? Yes – the artist can be unproductive when she works.

Jean-Luc Godard: Introduction to a True History of Cinema and Television

For Jean-Luc Godard, one of the most important things in a film's history is to reflect on the film's unrealized possibilities.

The roots the advertisements omit

Informative and unambiguous film about the modern slave industry of the clothing industry, which is in stark contrast to the smooth-polished advertising images we consume in line with our empty and ever-changing needs.