Theater of Cruelty

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Documentary wounds

Palestinian-Danish Mahdi Fleifel's films express the refugee's pain and despair.

Robert Bresson and the film's vigilance

Bresson's realism is about reorganizing our usual ways of seeing things – about finding a cinematic space in which what is usually beyond our grasp can breathe.

Portrait of dementia

How to portray the life world of a person with memory impairment?

Devoted depiction of poor salt workers

Salt production in India is one of the largest in the world. Farida Pacha lets us meet a family that lives and works with honor – but also poverty – in preservation.

About the inequality between humans and machines

Werner Herzog explores and challenges the internet – as the dreamy documentary he continues to be.  

Tone deaf intuition

Jørn Utkilens Statement Too is a unique in NFI's collection box of this year's best Norwegian short films.

High block under attack

Grimstad Short Film Festival: The Government Building and its Social Democratic Symbolic Value were attacked 22. July 2011. But are there perhaps other and more peaceful forces that threaten the same values?

Look for what we can't see

Exile and poverty hung like a shadow over the Cinéma du Réel short film festival.

Abusers and victims

Film Festival HRHW: As 15 year old, Omar Khadr is captured by Americans after a gunfight in Afghanistan. It is the beginning of a long period of torture. Guantanamo's Child throws a critical spotlight on Omar's situation.