Theater of Cruelty

Named Mohammadkhani

Inside Syria: two lived experiences

American Reese Erlich and Syrian Yassin al-Haj Saleh go in depth and depth in their books on the war in Syria, respectively.

No more red pomegranates

Water has political and security aspects in the Middle East, and future wars in this region will be about just water resources.

Book crisis in Iran

The Iranians are reading less than ever. Why?

Two hundred years of silence

For anyone who wants to know more about today's relationship between Iranians and Arabs, a 60 year old book is highly recommended.

Spiritual travel and political power networks

Religious pilgrimage in and outside Iran can never be disconnected from the political. 

How to Get Alcohol in Iran in Under X Minutes

What happens to alcohol habits in a country where alcohol is completely banned? I think you can guess the answer. In April, I met a colleague at one of the most cozy local cafes in northern Tehran. When I turned ...

New, fresh air for Iran

The nuclear deal has created a wave of hope and joy among many Iranians, who have paid a high price while waiting for it.