Theater of Cruelty

Vibeke Harper

Village life in the West Bank

Travelogue: Palestinian Minister of Culture and award-winning author Atef Abu Saif wants to highlight the rich cultural heritage and bring the art to the people.

Then the people had enough

OCCUPATION: Naila and the Uprising is a close and personal story of women's struggle and big politics during the first intifada.

Romance and Racism in Tekoa

A "leftist" Israeli filmmaker spends 30 days in an Israeli settlement in the West Bank, trying to get behind the stereotypes. 

"Bloody Oslo"

What really happened during the secret talks between Israelis and Palestinians in Oslo at the beginning of the 90s?

Instinct and deception in Tel Aviv

Some must give Israelis the red pill, the one that causes the veil to fall. 

We – the boundless

MOT performances presented a new and stricter enforcement of the Immigration Act's regulations to invited guests. We let the organizer tell in their own words.