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Romance and Racism in Tekoa

Regissør: Iris Zaki

A "leftist" Israeli filmmaker spends 30 days in an Israeli settlement in the West Bank, trying to get behind the stereotypes. 

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

Filmmaker Iris Zaki is a self-proclaimed leftist from Tel Aviv, living in London. unsettling was produced as part of her PhD. at the Royal Holloway University, and premiered at the International Documentary Film Festival in Copenhagen in March. The film is described as a cross between "artistic intervention and political activism". And Zaki should be honored for the trial, but the result is disappointing.

The film opens with misleading information: "There are about 400 settlers in the West Bank, spread over around 000 settlements and 125 outposts." According to figures from the human rights organization Bt'Selem, which does include settlements in East Jerusalem, the correct figures are about 100 settlers and 600 settlements, respectively, of which 000 are officially approved by the Israeli state. In addition, there are the illegal outposts, that is, established settlements, where "idealistic" Israelis set up tents on land that is not theirs and plant the Israeli flag.

These settlements have isolated the remaining 165 Palestinian territories in the West Bank – indeed, turned them into islands: the Israeli-occupied territories are framed by "security zones", high fences and checkpoints and are connected by roads reserved. . .

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