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Burlesque and war history from the Balkans

The Balkan New Film Festival is coming soon to Oslo and Bergen. The program features both wild comedies and serious war dramas.

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Films from the Balkans are not often staged in Norwegian cinemas, even when compared to some other Eastern European countries. Through the traveling festival Balkan New Film Festival (BaNeFF) you still have the opportunity to see a selection of new films from these countries. The festival is based in Sweden and presents itself as the biggest festival for Balkan film outside the region itself.

This year, BaNeFF will visit the cinemas in Oslo and Bergen for the fourth time, with six and five feature films respectively which have not been shown in Norway before. We have looked at some of these titles, ranging from burlesque comedies to historical war dramas.

Comedy about train death. The dark comedy Train Driver's Diary was Serbia's Oscar nominee in 2016. The film is based on the fact that every train driver during his professional life will experience that between 20 and 30 people die in the face of the train he or she is driving, either in the form of suicide. . .

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Aleksander Huser
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