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The role of rivers in Oslo's urban development

URBAN DEVELOPMENT / For over 30 years, Oslo has focused on the city's 10 rivers. Today, the open or closed rivers are among the most important structuring elements in urban development. Moreover, the use of nature-based systems to solve our climate challenges is essential to achieving lasting sustainability.

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All over the world, climate change makes it necessary to focus on the waterways of cities and towns. Water is necessary for the natural and human life of the cities, but also a threat in the form of torrential rain and floods.

During the UN Habitat World Forum in Katowice, Poland in June, contributed Habitat Norway with articles on the role of rivers in Oslos urban development. The event "New Community Knowledge and Practice on People Centered and Resilient Spaces related to Urban Rivers" had several examples of river development. Among others, Regina spoke here Opposite from the NGO Kounkuey Design Initiative. . .

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Ellen de Vibe
De Vibe is a former head of urban planning in Oslo. Board member of Habitat Norway.

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