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Directed by: Anna Zamecka. Poland

Anna Zamecka is a name we may notice first. The Polish director won the award for this year's European documentary in Berlin just before Christmas. Some readers will also already have seen Communion, which was awarded the prize for best documentary at Oslo Pix in June. There have been many awards for Zamecka's debut film, which portrays the life of a Polish family over 35 days. We meet the siblings Nikodem and Ola, and it is 14-year-old Ola who is the head of the family after the mother moved out due to her father's drinking. The father takes a beer rather than taking care of the children. Zamecka has studied journalism, anthropology and photography in both Warsaw and Copenhagen, and documentary film at Andrzej Wajda's film school in Warsaw. Communion is the most winning Polish documentary for several years.

Directed by Gürcan Keltek. Turkey

Like Zamecka, Keltek is also a young director, and meteors is his feature film debut. The film is in black and white and goes under the genre docu-fiction. Earlier this year, Keltek won the prestigious Swatch Art Peace Hotel Award at the Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland – which means an invitation to a three to six month artists in residence in Shanghai, China. In addition, he won the Porto Festival Grand Prix in December. meteors takes up the Kurdish-Turkish conflict, and the action takes place in a Kurdish city east of Turkey. Stones and meteors from outer space hit the village, and how this incident is helping to change the lives of the inhabitants, we get to look through actress Ebru Ojen's eyes. “Our behavior is characterized by a specific geographical location and its history. This creates our memories. meteors is my picture of how we remember it all, ”he said of the film.

The Deminer
Directed by: Hogir Hirori, Co-directed by Shinwar Kamal. Sweden

The jury's special award under the aforementioned IDFA went to the Swedish film this year The Deminer. The film is a portrait of Fakhir, who in 2003 traveled to Mosul in Iraq to join the war on terror after the fall of Saddam Hussein. Fakhir witnessed the thousands of compatriots who had become mine victims, and took on the task of removing all remaining mines. He does this work with life as an effort. For 14 years, mine clearance has been his calling. The eight-grandfather himself has been hit twice; the second time he destroyed the right leg, which had to be amputated over the knee. "If I fail, I just die. But if I succeed in deactivating a mine, I can save many lives, ”says Fakhir, and continues tirelessly with his selfless work.

The Other Side of Everything
Directed by Mila Turajlic. Serbia / France / Qatar

In November this year, she won The Other Side of Everything the award for best feature film documentary during the Amsterdam Film Festival, where the film was also nominated for the Audience Award. Ny Tid reviewed the film in this year's December issue (see here ).

Kaisa Ytterhaug
Kaisa Ytterhaug
Ytterhaug is a freelancer in Ny Tid.

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