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In terms of communication, animation can have a high price, but can also be redeeming

The Tower, Tehran Taboo
Regissør: Mats Grorud Ali Soozandeh
(Norge, Iran, Tyskland)

Tehran Taboo and the Tower are political animated films with many commonalities, yet the ability to create deep empathy is what also sets them apart.

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

Animated documentary successes such as Persepolis og Roll with Bashir has paved the way for animated films with socially critical themes. Political animation has got its own name – and also had its own section during this year's Film from the South festival recently. Iranian-German Tehran Taboo and Norwegian the tower were two of the films presented. TAarne reports on four generations of Palestinian refugees in Bourj el-Barajneh camp outside Beirut, while Tehran Taboo follows young Iranians who in various ways suffer from the country's double standards.

The disaster

The Roll with Bashir used cartoon animation and suggestive visuals to convey the nightmare experience of war, director Mats Grorud is more traditionally employed in the tower. Grorud walks close and uses the relationship between the eleven-year-old girl Wardi and her great-grandfather Sidi as red. . .

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