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A still very secret world

Cold war, secret army. Stay Behind in Norway
Forfatter: Frode Fanebust
Forlag: Pax Forlag (Norge)
During the Cold War, Stay Behind armies were to be mobilized in Western Europe by a possible Soviet occupation. British and Americans used some of these for other purposes.

Shortly after World War II, several Western European states initiated so-called Stay Behinds – secret armies that would begin to operate only after a possible Soviet occupation. The Stay Behind would operate as resistance groups with their own networks to evacuate royal families and political leaders to the UK (with British Oberon submarines), keep in touch with London and Washington with secret communications equipment and use buried explosives to blast the Occupation Force's control and communication centers. The nights were made up of cells based on the principle need to know: that no one knew the others. The states of Europe were divided into a British and a US area of ​​responsibility.

British request? As early as February 1946, Jens Christian Hauge, Minister of Defense and former head of Milorg, began working for an occupation contingency that was created. . .

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Ola Tunander
Tunander is Professor Emeritus of PRIO. See also wikipedia, at PRIO: , as well as a bibliography on Waterstone

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