What is freedom without governance?

Sunstein won the high-hanging Holberg Prize in 2018, for outstanding research in the fields of psychology and behavioral economics. He is a defender of libertarian paternalism and active social manipulation, and has for many years researched how our choices can be influenced in the best possible direction. Clearly influenced by Daniel Kahneman's book Thinking fast and slow (Think, fast and slow, Pax Forlag, 2013), Sunstein believes that there are two main systems that influence our choices: the reflexive system and the automatic system.

Instinct versus reflection

The automatic system is fast and makes us act on instinct. This system usually does not involve what we mean by imagine. It can be compared to reactions that occur automatically, such as that we smile when we see a child, feel nervous when we are exposed to turbulence, or that we duck when a ball is thrown or kicked at us. The reflective system is self-aware and includes. . .

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