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The Jerusalem Declaration on Anti-Semitism

TRANSLATED / We reproduce here the statement translated

The Jerusalem Declaration (JDA) on anti-Semitism is a tool for identifying, confronting and raising awareness of anti-Semitism as it manifests itself in countries around the world today.

The declaration includes an introduction, definition and a set of 15 guidelines that provide detailed guidance for those who want to understand what anti-Semitism is, to do something about it.

The Jerusalem Declaration was developed by a group of researchers in Holocaust history, Jewish studies and Middle Eastern studies to meet what has become an increasing challenge: "to provide clear guidelines for identifying and combating anti-Semitism while protecting freedom of expression."

The declaration was originally signed by 210 researchers in 2021. Today, the number is more than 350.


We, the undersigned, present the Jerusalem Declaration on Anti-Semitism, as a result of an initiative that started in Jerusalem. We are a group of international researchers in anti-Semitism research and related fields, including Jewish studies, Holocaust, Israel, Palestine and Middle East studies. The text of the declaration has benefited from discussions with legal experts and members of civil society. Inspired by the UN Declaration of Human Rights of 1948, the UN Convention against Racial Discrimination of 1969, the Declaration of the International Stockholm Conference on the Holocaust in 2000, and the UN Resolution on the Memory of the Holocaust of 2005, we believe that despite anti-Semitism having certain characteristics, the fight against it is not seen separately from the general fight against all forms of racial, ethnic, cultural, religious and gender-based discrimination.

We are aware of the historical persecution of Jews throughout history and the universal lessons we can learn from the Holocaust, and we take seriously the rise of anti-Semitism among groups mobilizing hatred and violence in politics, society and the Internet, and will present with this statement a practical, concise and historically based definition of what anti-Semitism is, along with a set of guidelines.

Example of Anti-Semitism

The Jerusalem Declaration on Anti-Semitism is also a response to the "IHRA definition", the document adopted by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) in 2016. Since the IHRA definition is unclear in key points and wide open to different interpretations, it has created confusion and caused strife, and such. . .

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