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Competence or arrogance?

RUSSIA / The Russian thinkers Aleksandr Dugin, Ivan Iljin and Lev Gumilyov shape the spiritual-political climate in Russia in different ways. Dugin is often claimed to be one of the ideologues behind Russia's attack on Ukraine. Is that an exaggeration?

Aleksandr Dugin himself is admittedly not part of the Russian elite – he has no important official position in Russia, and he is by no means Putin's adviser, as one can sometimes hear.

On the contrary, he criticizes the elite for being too liberal and Western-minded, and even accuses it of being an "enemy of the Russian people." Also Putin have previously had to undergo to be too weak, Dugin believes, for example, that Putin should have invaded Ukraine already in 2014. But now the tone is different. He believes that Putin has now finally matured to become a real Russian head of state.

"The historical unity between Russians and Ukrainians."

Last summer, Putin gave a speech on "the historical unity between Russians and Ukrainians," which many believe was a kind. . .

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Lars Holm-Hansen
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