Laila, the mother of addicts

Laila at the Bridge takes us on a grueling journey to Kabul's gloomy drug environment, accompanied by a woman trying to save addicts.

Sevara Pan is a writer, based in Berlin.
Published: November 1, 2018
Laila at the Bridge
Director: Elizabeth Mirzaei Gulistan mirzaei
(Afghanistan, Canada)

Laila Haidari, a chubby Afghan woman of the 30 years, wears her ballerina shoes and walks ahead under the notorious Pul-e Sukhta Bridge, where she moves in heavy stench between used syringes and swallowed bodies. Opium-addicted men, many older than her, tenderly call her "mother." In return, she refers to them as "my boys" and urges them to come to her makeshift rehabilitation center, called "Mother Camp."

Laila at the Bridge is an observational documentary that patiently follows the Afghan woman while she, so to speak, on her own tries to help the drug addicts in the center she runs without support from the government or…

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