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Mafia power

Ny Tid met the Italian photographer Letizia Battaglia during the Berlinale for a conversation about her photographic work and the Italian mafia today.

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

Written with Truls Lie

It was difficult for Letizia Battaglia to be independent in a male-dominated world. At first her father refused to leave the house, later her husband would not let her study. What about the women in today's Sicily? If they are still suppressed, we ask the well-known photographer:

- Today's women are far more independent and have more freedom. However, many women are unemployed, as there are few jobs to find. But still, they have significantly greater opportunities to manage their lives than we had. At the same time, many immigrant women are forced to prostitute themselves.

Letizia battaglia

- When you started photographing as a journalist as an 40 year-old, you found out that you preferred å. . .

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Astra Zoldnere
Soldiers is a Latvian film director, curator and publicist.

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