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Proximity to American conventionalism

Reconstructing Utøya / 22 July
Regissør: Carl Javér/Paul Greengrass
(Norge, Sverige, Danmark / USA)

Of the two new films about the Utøya massacre, it is Reconstructing Utøya which, through four survivors' honest accounts, in all its simplicity allows us to see both the extent of the tragedy and a way forward for those involved.

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

The movie that holds you in your hand, and the tension variant. The many Utøya film formations eventually form a slightly too rich menu. The noise from Netflix's launch of the Paul Greengrass movie 22 July,based on Åsne Seierstad's book One of us, comes close to the Swedish Norwegian documentary Recontructing Utøyas premiere. Where the latter offers relief and sincerity in the approach, Netflix uses classic Hollywood conventions and action movie clips in July 22. Interestingly, both films use the same brotherhood story as a central element.

Where Carl Javér's documentary depicts the experience of the terrorist attack minute by minute, the feature film is built up in traditional American style by involving supporting characters (the family) and cross-cutting the perpetrator uninhibited. The structure is meant to create excitement, but unfortunately weakens the sense of authenticity as well. . .

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Ellen Lande
Lande is a film writer and director and a regular writer for Ny Tid.

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