Night is a light source in man

In the summer of 1914, a few weeks before the First World War breaks out, Swiss physician and psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung is hit by a violent mental crisis. He feared he was losing self-control, that a psychosis could be on his way. In a dream, he saw the lands of Europe flooded with yellow waves, floating debris, cultural works and thousands of dead. As the war begins 1. August he realizes that it is not him who is suffering from a mental illness, but that his dreams came from the subconscious of the collective unconscious. "Now my task was clear: I had to try to understand what was happening, and to what extent my own experiences were related to that of the human community." It is this connection between "this deep inner ... in the authorship and the external context of the current European history », which he constantly notes in his red diary called Liber Novus ("The Red Book").

Jung without Freud. Liber Novus, first published in 2009, forms the basis for the Danish historian of ideas Axel Haaning's excellent. . .

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