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I Am Not Your Negro: The Necessity of Examples

I Am Not Your Negro
Regissør: Raoul Peck

We can all learn something about the attention and truthfulness of James Baldwin. 

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

There is so much we forget in our time. We have all imaginable information available, all the time, anywhere, but we still tend to forget the most important things. Or maybe it is therefore we become so forgetful, since we have an "extra brain" in the computer or phone and think that what we need to remember can be stored there?

I do not know, but I am afraid we have not realized that the most important knowledge a person can hold, which is usually not described as "information". That much of what gives life meaning and direction is something we must have in us, be, or at least strive towards. Much of the most important thing in life is with how we relate to what we know how to do and how we relate to others.

 Much is about emotions, emotions that bind us together and allow us to see others who – though different from us – become visible as vulnerable people we can recognize, through empathy, solidarity. Friendship, love.


Uncompromising and truthful

For . . .

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