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Norway must say no to contributing militarily in the Gulf of Persia

NO TO USA / The anti-war initiative asks the government to refuse the US request to contribute militarily to the crisis in the Gulf of Persia.


Such a contribution would not be part of a solution, but on the contrary, could significantly escalate the conflict and increase the risk of full war. Since the UK joined the US-led action 5. August, the separate UK inquiry is no longer relevant.

The US-Iran conflict did not start this year, but goes back many decades. We must not be manipulated by news reports of alleged Iranian aggression. The Trump administration canceled the nuclear deal with Iran in 2018 and accuses Iran of developing nuclear weapons. These allegations are not evidence of; On the contrary, international observers have said that Iran has fully complied with the terms of the nuclear agreement.


The claim that a country is trying to develop "weapons of mass destruction" has been heard before. This was the main argument behind the disastrous Iraq war in 2003, "evidence" was presented, but these turned out to be fabricated. Norway has previously been fooled into contributing militarily to conflicts that have since developed into full-scale war, most recently in Libya in 2011. Today we know that the Libya war was based on a series of lies and that the result was a ruined country and a great tragedy for the Libyan people.

Norway must make clear to the United States that the use of military force can lead to a major war with dire consequences for people throughout the Middle East.

There is every reason to be skeptical of the allegations that Iran is breaking agreements and attacking international shipping. Iran does not threaten the US, it is the US that threatens Iran and has surrounded the country with 36 military bases in neighboring countries, while the number of US naval vessels, bombers and soldiers in the region is increasing from week to week.

Based on past experience, the Norwegian Anti-War Initiative asks the Norwegian media to be especially wary of war-wasting propaganda.


Without having the historical context in mind, we lose significant information about Iran-US relations. The United States has been trying to control Iran for decades, and it is easy to point out that the main motive is that Americans want access and control over Iranian oil resources. Norway must help lift economic sanctions against Iran.

The Norwegian government should act like Germany and say no to sending naval vessels to the Gulf of Persia. Norway must make clear to the United States that the use of military force can lead to a major war with dire consequences for people throughout the Middle East. Our foreign policy and the reaction pattern of our media houses have to date rested on a premise that the United States is leading and dictating. Today, we know full well that the price is neither healthy nor good for anyone other than the weapons industry and the oil adventure. The culture of war can no longer continue! It's easy to start a war, but it's almost impossible to end it. People all over the world are tired and traumatized, we can't have more war. The Anti-War Initiative requires new strategies. Let the world find them.

Gitte Sætre
Gitte Sætre
Sætre is the leader of the Anti-War Initiative.

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