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Flame Forlag

A wobbly kitten

Kjetil Røed: The art and life: a manual

ABOUT ART: A remarkable guide to the critical moments of art and life.

Geoff Dyer – an aristocratic essayist

Geoff Dyer translated by Bjørn Alex Herrman: We're here to go somewhere else

COMPASSION?: A mixture of helplessness and arrogance: Have Knausgård fans got someone they can identify with?

Exit Britannia

Heidi Sævareid: Life in the UK

: The United Kingdom has left the EU, but is on its way to Europe. Heidi Sævareid's infatuation with the UK has passed. Men dei bur framleis ilag. What is she doing? She brings out the humor.

Monologue for a broken family

Pier Paolo Pasolini: The Poet of the Ashes Reproduced by Camilla Chams

: The great filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini is considered by many to be an even greater poet. Now his dictation is translated into Norwegian.