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The cultural intifada

THE JENIN THEATRE: Recently many Palestinians were killed in Jenin. What does Palestinian resistance to the Israeli occupation entail in today's desperate situation? For The Freedom Theater in Jenin, the answer is still a cultural intifada. A performance is now being shown at the Human festival in Oslo.

No place is safe

GAZA: The inhabitants run for their lives and leave their homes, without having a safe place to seek refuge from the massive attacks of the Israelis.

Gaza: The causes need attention

ATTACK: The Western press and governments' coverage of the latest brutal Israeli attack on the Palestinians is historyless.

Norwegian weapons in Gaza

NORWAY: Even though Norway does not allow arms exports to Israel, Norwegian munitions are in use in the Israeli military. Thus, it is also not unlikely that Norwegian munitions may have been used in the attacks on Gaza in May 2021.

Freedom, dignity and hope

GAZA: MODERN TIMES meets different voices in Gaza today: About the United States' new plan, and conditions on the ground.

Unrestrained apartheid

Palestine Annex: Israel was quick to portray the Palestinians as carriers of the virus and as a health threat. Today, the Gaza crisis is territorial, demographic, political – and biological.

Gaza is like mercury

GAZA: Can the proposed US solution with land redistribution and an expansion of the Gaza Strip end the conflict in the Middle East?

Children on hunger

CRISIS: The situation in Gaza is desperate, especially for children, where basic services are disintegrating at the same rate as the economy.

Gaza: A silk thread separates life from death

ISRAEL-PALESTINE: For people in the Gaza Strip, hope is running out.

Small bits of beauty

Garry Keane, Andrew McConnell: Gaza

EVERYDAY IN GAZA: The film depicts the resignation that is, in fact, a will to find a life and a happiness in the midst of all the tragedies.

Theater as a necessity

: To defy the political and social conditions they live under without succumbing to vulgarities and cheating, theater has become indispensable in Gaza.

After all, hope in Gaza

: Reconciliation in the local communities is the way to a final Palestinian reconciliation.

On the way to a new war on Gaza?

: A hot summer, crisis in Qatar and power rationing in Gaza – about two million people are victims of politics. It goes from bad to worse, and the sound of war can be felt in the distance.

A new artificial harbor and airport outside Gaza?

: The population of Gaza is becoming increasingly poorer, struggling to survive. But the local fishermen have an idea that might help.

Surfing against all odds

Philip Gnadt, Mickey Yamine, Germany, 2016: Gaza Surf Club.

: This beautiful documentary takes us to the surfing world of the Gaza Strip and reveals an impressive resilience in a besieged population.

With his eyes on the war

: Mohamed Jabaly's documentary debut Ambulance provides a unique insight into a 51-day bombing of Gaza, seen from the ambulance's driver's seat.