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UN's climate panel

Organic land use?

NATURE: >/b>Europe is warming faster than anywhere else on the planet. In order for an ecological balance to be achieved on the globe, at least 30 percent of the landmass and ocean – which due to human activity is no longer intact – must be reclaimed. Agricultural researchers predict: Farmers will in the future return to organic land use – or have to give up. They can build solar plants. They can grow reeds, which are suitable for environmentally friendly insulation materials, packaging, building materials or energy raw material.

"Of course Europe must take responsibility"

THE GREEN EUROPE: "European Green Deal" is reminiscent of the first UN climate report 30 years ago, according to Margrete Auken in the European Parliament. "When it comes to the climate, we can't wait to come up with something smart. We must act now, ”she tells MODERN TIMES.

The world's hardest turning point

WAR AND ENVIRONMENT: The military-economic complex is a giant environmental culprit.