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The truth of the one, the truth of the other and the truth

Were Norwegian documentary filmmakers tricked? Ny Tid investigates the allegations in a controversial film that NRK is now considering showing. 

Magnitsky Acts alternative facts 

Ny Tid has reviewed official Russian investigations, autopsy reports and police interrogations and checked the facts against the message in The Magnitsky Act. The allegations in the film are in direct contrast to the Russian authorities' own findings. 

We were attacked by hacker attacks

Norwegian Piraya Film says that they have been subjected to both hacking and smear campaigns to stop The Magnitsky Act. Director Nekrasov maintains that Magnitsky was not a whistleblower, and that Russian police officers have nothing to do with embezzlement of 1,8 billion kroner. [CASE EXPANDED 19.2]

What is an indictment? 

An additional note to Andrei Nekrasov's The Magnitsky Act – Behind The Scenes.

Killed in Russian prison?

This documentary has received enormous attention – before it was seen. But what reality is hidden?