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the Middle East and Africa over the last decade

Syria is closing its borders

Syria will not accept more refugees from Iraq unless the world helps more.

That's why we protest

Here are the reasons why we get involved in conflicts, like now with Burma. And the reasons why we don't usually care.

Seeing Persepolis in Tehran

While the film Persepolis is celebrated in Europe, in Iran we experience it as one-sided.

Trojan horse?

Will China become a protector of the existing or contribute to a new order?

The fight against crisis capitalism

Disaster profiteers make up the new global upper class, says Naomi Klein.

40 years with Sgt. Pepper

Summer 1967 released the Beatles album which should turn upside down for the most part.

Art on the open

Guide to the street galleries.

The war against women

The images of female soldiers in Iraq conceal cruel truths.

Rearrange the Middle East

The United States has announced a sharp increase in arms assistance to countries in the Middle East. Norwegian weapons manufacturers can become fat.


23. July a Norwegian special soldier was killed in Afghanistan. There is a strong connection between what is happening in Afghanistan and Pakistan, explains scientist and Afghanistan expert Arne Strand, who thinks a military solution will not work.

The defense must be opened

The secrecy surrounding Norwegian soldiers' missions abroad damages the Armed Forces.

Letter from Tora Bora

The Americans almost managed to break Al Qaeda in 2002, but then they invaded Iraq.

- Must realize the seriousness

While there are fewer and fewer Afghans coming to Norway, the number of Iraqi refugees is increasing.

opinion run

Debate books include the bestseller lists, but is the public enriched or have the books been tabloidized?

Jesus at Disney World

What happens when you exchange Mickey Mouse with Jesus and his friends?

A political emergency cabinet

The West embraces the new government. But there is something quite different from the smell of democracy that is now spreading across the Middle East.