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Heritage, artistry and staging

REALITY NOVEL: Lene Berg's project is a staging of the memory of a father shrouded in myth – but just as much of herself and her own identity. She was only nine years old when her father was arrested for the murder of her stepmother Evelyne.

Power and powerlessness in Norwegian psychiatry 

In Making Sense Together, director Ellen Ugelstad portrays the many dualities of psychiatry, and the powerlessness of patients, relatives and employees in the Norwegian psychiatric system is facing. 

Insanity seen from the inside

Damian Nenadic's first full-length documentary is a blatant revelation of the stigma associated with mental illness in Croatia, told through the protagonists' own footage.

The creation of a serial killer

In the documentary The Confessions of Thomas Quick, Sture tells Bergwall himself how he got psychiatrists, investigators and the judiciary to believe that he was Sweden's answer to Hannibal Lecter.