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Carmen Gray

Gray is a regular film critic in Ny Tid.

Behind the idyll lurks the landmines

Silva Khnkanosian: Nothing To Be Afraid Of
Guns:  Five female miners try to remove land mines in the beautiful landscape of Nagorno-Karabakh.

Forty years of dreaming of a better life

Peter Torbiörnsson: Ninosca
NINOSCAS CAMP: Independence and detachment from violence and oppressive macho culture in Nicaragua – filmed for forty years.

Blacklisted workers were denied a job

Lucy Parker: Solidarity
CONTROL: Unthinkable bureaucrats, sneaky employer organizations and a corrupt police monitor and blacklist "troubled" or suspicious workers systematically.

Warning of the future

Sue-Alice Okukubo, Eduard Zorzenoni: Near and Elsewhere
Utopia: An essayistic documentary that stretches towards future visions and utopias, but with a bleak foundational tone and inability to see any way out of the paralysis it describes.

Chinese loyalty clashes with American tradition on the factory floor

Steven Bognar, Julia Reichert: American Factory
GLOBALIZATION: American Factory offers a cultural collision and fraternity between high-tech China and American working class workers.

Wild West conditions in 90's Russia

Alex Gibney: Citizen K
oligarchs: Is former Yukos chief and one of Russia's powerful oligarchs, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a villain or a dissident?

When killing is the only solution

Mehrdad Oskouei: Sunless Shadows
ABUSE: In an Iranian youth detention center, a group of teenage girls is being detained. They have all killed a father, brother or spouse.

Systematic persecution, violence and torture against the invisible Chechnya

David France: Welcome to Chechnya
CONTROL: A group of activists put their lives at risk in the fight against Chechnya's relentless persecution of LGBT people.

The war reporter close to the truth

Yung Chang: This Is Not A Movie – Robert Fisk And The Politics Of Truth
PORTRAIT FILM: War Reporter Robert Fisk has the courage to monitor and challenge. He is known for reporting from the front lines in violation of the official line of politicians and authorities.