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Defense speech for the small eyes of the airspace

Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick: The Good Drone, How Social Movements Democratize Surveillance

AIR SPIES: Drones are not only the tools of power, but also of counter-power. They can be airspace hackers and can be used in the good service.

Weapons, drugs and soy

: Of the stunning, species-diverse rainforest of Paraguay, only five percent remain. Soy production is largely to blame.

Everything of value is destroyed in the jungle of Borneo

Erik Pauser, Dylan Williams: The Borneo Case

: The destruction of rainforests on Borneo has led to great progress and increased wealth – for the few. What do you do with it?

The battle for the rainforest

Erik Pauser and Dylan Williams: The Borneo Case

: The Borneo Case is a "modern thriller" that shows how billions of dollars from illegal deforestation are laundered by international banks. The filmmakers are concerned that there is a lack of mechanisms to punish environmental crime.

The rainforest guard

: Marina Silva resigns as Minister of the Environment to save the Amazon. But this year's Sofie award winner does not want the rainforest to become a museum.