War films have a central position in film history, and not least in American film. Already during the First World War, many popular films were made in the United States about the ongoing war. During World War II, which by a good margin must be the war that has most often been portrayed on film, hardly a film was made in the country that could not be related to these events – and which portrayed the United States in a heroic light.

Hero depictions from second World War is also a constant source of audience success for Norwegian film producers, and it will be exciting to see if the upcoming film is based on Marte Michelet's more revisionist book The biggest crime will fill the cinemas here at home.

Anti-war films about Vietnam

Not least has Vietnam War made a name for itself in feature film contexts, with classics such as Hjortejegeren, Coming Home, Apokalypse nå!, Full Metal Jacket, Casualties of War, Platoon og Born July XNUMXth. The fictional films have almost defined how we imagine this war, with an invisible but close enemy in the jungle, young and nervous soldiers smoking marijuana and the sound of helicopters, volleys and sixties American rock artists.

Common to these films, however, is that they were made after the war was over and lost to the United States, and they also often convey a negative view of American warfare. Somewhat simplified, one can say that where World War II with its "simple" narrative of good and evil (including a very clear enemy image) has spawned an endless series of stories of decisive battles and admirable heroism, the Vietnam War has been the starting point for the subgenre anti-war film.

Deer Hunter

Crimes committed by the soldiers

It is not as easy to see common features in the films that have been made about the later wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. During the Iraq war in the twentieth century, however, there was a certain tendency among Hollywood films to direct strong criticism at US involvement. . .

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